Day 5 – Final Day


On the final day in Hungary, we walked back through the centre of Budapest in the morning, and made our way back to the FINA swimming championships. While we waited, Becca handed out little flags, the different flags from the seminar, and we all had them to wave in support of our countries. We watched a series of swimming races, which were really interesting and exciting, and talked to the Brazilian group a bit more. They were all really nice people, and we all got on really well by the end of the trip. Afterwards, we wandered round the FINA area. It was huge and there were loads of stores selling merchandise, including some cute little toys of the mascots. We walked back through Budapest and through a little park which was really pretty and had an amazing view of the city, and then Bence got us to play a game called Chicken Goggles which was really funny and confusing.
When we got back to the camp, we, the British group, and the Brazilians all went in the pool. We spent ages there and we all had a lot of fun playing around. When we got out, Bence told us to get everything ready and to head back to the main building. When we got there, the Hungarian group were waiting with T-shirts and bracelets to say goodbye! It was a very emotional goodbye because we’d all got so close and we were all going to miss each other a lot.
The final seminar was an amazing experience and I made some really good friends.

By Lottie Hastings, British participant.