“I am currently organising a mural project” – Andy about his EVS volunteer in Brazil


“My name is Andy, I’m from Hertfordshire in the UK. Before coming to ACER Brasil I worked as a graphic designer and also worked for several charities running creative activities with children and young people.

I have been at ACER Brasil with Everything is Possible since the end of March and previously had worked with both organisations in past as a volunteer and I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to return with funding from Everything is Possible. Previously at ACER I have run different art activities for the children and young people from the local community, including photography, graffiti, screen printing, origami and mural projects. I was lucky enough to get to know Everything is Possible last year from being invited to run a mural project in Rio with the previous participants of the Olympic Legacy project.

During my first few months here I have been supporting some of the current activities that take place here such as the Art classes and also developing my own activities. I am currently organising a mural project to paint two of the local football courts in the neighbourhood where ACER run some of their sports activities. This will be collective process involving the students that come to the lessons and the local community to rejuvenate the spaces and as such allow the children and young people an to participate in improving the local area and give them a sense of ownership over the space.

This month I also painted a mural at a school in a town outside of Sao Paulo city, I worked with the teachers and parents to create a simple but striking mural design for the outside wall of the school which everyone was able to participate in painting. The headteacher was really pleased with the result saying “It is wonderful, every time I pass in front I don’t get tired to admire it!” It was hard work but a fun project to work on and hopefully I will be able to find more opportunities like this during the rest of the project time.

I have also been using my photography and design experience to document the current activities ACER, creating an up to date collection of photos that reflect the exciting and wonderful work with the children here including some video interviews as well which ACER can use on their social media channels.

From previously volunteering at ACER it is nice to be back in familiar surroundings, around old friends, both staff and children alike. It really reminds me that the relationships and connections that we make are what is important in life. It is an amazing privilege to be able to work at ACER with such amazing children and young people and be able to have some connect and impact on their lives”.

By Andrew Bunce, EVS volunteer in Brazil