The two Brazilian EVS volunteers are getting ready!

We’ve just received those news from Foundation Gol de Letra:

On march 15th, took place the first meeting with Foundation Gol de Letra’s EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers in São Paulo, Brazil. In this occasion, the two EVS had the opportunity to get an answer to some doubts, talk about the exchange, know better each other and also get more information about their work during the Olympic Legacy project.

In less than a month they are going to England for an 8 month project and everything must to be ready until this.

So, let’s introduce the two youth who are going to participate in this outstanding experience. Both of them are from Vila Albertina district, community in São Paulo north zone where Gol de Letra concentrates its job.

Victor Prudêncio is 22 years old and live in São Paulo. He started to participate in activities of Gol de Letra when he was 11 years old. In sports projects he tried to do as many different modalities as possible and also become a young monitor. Therefore he used to participate in cultural and development activities, like professional and graffiti workshops. Nowadays he studies Graphic Design at the university and works as an assistant at the Communication department of Gol de Letra.

His partner in the project is Douglas Oliveira. He is 27 years old, from São Paulo but he was living in Rio de Janeiro for one year to study Administration. Douglas has also participated in Gol de Letra’ sports projects for a long time and was a young monitor as well. Additionally, he worked for a long time with the Hip Hop movement in Brazil, with representative groups and artists.

Clair Brown, the responsible of Olympic Legacy project, is coming to São Paulo on April 18th with a partner, Patrick Tasker. Finally, on April 20th the two Brazilians EVS volunteers will fly to York (UK) in order to start this international experience. They are going to live in York for about eight months working in sportive projects in the city. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to develop their social abilities, professional skills, improve their knowledge of English language, exchange cultural habits and learn a lot.

The Foundation Gol de Letra team is very excited to begin the Olympic Legacy project!


Foundation Gol de Letra