Meet the Hungarian participants

A few weeks, our partner Karpati Adrienn, coordinator at Polgár Alapítvány published the portrait of each participants from Hungary:


13427833_10206672850127775_8606841126206436299_nMy name is Richard Seres from Hungary. I live in Bátonyterenye with my parents and my sister, Kiara.
I am 19 years old and I’m part of the citizens foundation since 3 years. I am part of the after-school program in Nagybátony since 3th grade. With them I had the chance to visit a lot of beautiful places in the world like Krakkow or Helsinki.
My talent is the photography and movie making. I made some video clips with my mentor and we organized exhibitions. And music is a really important thing in my life. I was playing the piano, but drums is my love.
I began to study English in 7th grade and since then with smaller and bigger omission I developed my skills.
I love to work in team and I love challenges. I love to meet new people and try new things. I have lots friend, and I love them.
In 2015 I finished the High-School in Salgótarjan, and I started to learn my profession in this school.
One piece of my works:



13524447_10206719685018618_8032160123162784951_nHello, My name is Kinga Hatházi. I’m 18 years old student. I live in Baktalórántháza, it‘s a small town located in the Northeast part of Hungary. I went to the school named Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary School situated in Vásárosnamény. My favorite subjects are the literature and the history, by this time next year i will have studied at the university. I‘m really into learning a kind of law, as a result I have applied this year to the area Public Administration Manager with Specialization in General Administration. I believe, I will enjoy those college years, and I could be positioned then as a professional worker. I would gladly be a notary or a clerk.





13524473_10206719867383177_2897956268301471229_nHello, My name is László Bori.
I am from Hungary. It’s in central Europe.
The capital city is Budapest.
It’s a very famous city, because there are a lot of historical places in it.
My first name is László, my surname is Bori and you can call me Lacika.
I am nineteen years old.
Now I am learning in a secondary school in Miskolc, because I want to be a policeman.
I live with my family in a small village called Hidasnémeti.
We live sixty km for Miskolc, so I travel there by train every day.
I met Polgar Foundation in a talent show. They help me with scholarship.
I use this money for learning English, because I would like to take on exam in the future.
I am interested in football. I play in a local football team.
My dream is to be famous player.



13495517_10206713497943945_1539528223262614045_oHi! I would like to introduce myself in a few words. My name is Ilona Krajczár. I was born in a medium sized town in Taktakenéz in the North of Hungary on 4th of July,1999. I am 16 years old. I live in Taktakenéz. I am student and I attend Árpád Vezér Secondary Grammar School in Sárospatak. I can speak three languages Hungarian, that is my native language, English, which I have been learning for 7 years now, and a little bit of italian: I started learning it last year.
I have got big brown eyes and I have got a straight dark brown hair. I think I am open and friendly. When people have any problems they usually talk to me. My friends, however, say that I am sometimes bossy. I am a born optimist.
On week days I often relax and I listen to music. I can get away from it all. It is a useful way of relaxation. My favorite singer is Justin Bieber. Now my favorite music video is from Justin Bieber of Sorry. I always clean my room at the weekend. I help my mother with cooking, washing up. I enjoy cooking and shopping. I am interested in the cinema. My favorite film is Three steps above heaven. When the weather is nice, I like going on trips. I especially like walking in the mountains. But the weather is bad, I watch TV and talk my parents and my brother.




13428499_10206713455302879_2702501216336120937_nHello, my name is Kitti Farkas. I am 17 years old. My mother died in August 2015, my father 10 years ago. I live with my sister and my brothers in Budapest since the middle of February. Currently, I am studying in Baktalorántháza Vay Adam Secondary Agricultural Vocational School, and I will finish the secondary school the following year. The school is 300 km far away from Budapest, so I have to stay in a college. My favourite subjects are the Interval Affairs policing Skills and the Literature. And in the future, I would like to be a police officer, so after graduation I would like to be a student in Budapest Adyliget Police Secondary School. For me is very important to exercise regularly, this is the basic for a healthy lifestyle. I regularly playing football and also running. I really like to listening0 to music, and I also like reading poetry. My favourite poet is Endre Ady. The most important for me my family , and I know that if anything happens to me my sister and brothers are always will be with me.




13495491_10206713525024622_5981055027824718497_oMy name is Tamás Paczók.
I was born at Miskolc on 1997 02 25. I live with my family, in Mezőcsát. I have got two brothers, their name is Károly and Dávid, and I have got one sister, Mária.
I began playing football in Mezőkővesd 5 years ago. I live in college, and I am learning at Széchenyi István Catholic Vocational School of Mezőkövesd. I will be a shop assistant after my exams. I am 18 years old, and I am a graduate. My plan for the future, that I would like to get a high school diploma, and I would love to play football abroad. I love football and in my freetime I always doing sports, and I am with my friends. I love my family, because they make me stronger. I am very friendly, If the people have got problems, theyfeel free to turn to me. I am very helpful. I like dancing, and listening to different music. I have got big brown eyes, and short straight black hair. I always wearing jeans, and shirt. I hope everything will go well with me and I am going to graduate.


13419031_10206650949500273_6832933037748897953_nHello! My name is Dominika Judit Kanalas, and I am 18 years old. I live with my parents and two brothers in a little town called Hajdúsámson in Hungary. I graduated from secondary school this April, and am now applying for university. I am aiming to study Scandinavistics and Linguistics in Budapest, since I am talented in learning languages. I speak Hungarian (this is my native language), English, German, and French, but I also want to learn Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, and Russian, to mention a few examples. However, learning a language is not only about grammar rules and vocabulary to me; it is about learning about a different culture, getting a new point of view. There’s a proverb on this topic I really like: “You live a new life for every new language you speak.”
I am a very friendly person, sometimes a bit shy though. But I am usually very talkative and have good people skills. I can get along with almost all types of people; I think that’s because I am open-minded and outspoken, but also willing to listen to others’ opinions. (And my motto is “Be a little kinder than you have to” which, I guess, also helps.)
My hobbies are reading, writing poems or sometimes short stories, listening to music, and traveling. I also love spending time with the people I love: Talking and playing with my brothers, hanging out with my friends, or going on a trip with them. If we have enough room, we often play volleyball together; it is my favourite sport.