“I’m enjoying the opportunity of teaching and I started to think about a new project in Brazil” – News from Victor, EVS volunteer in the UK

The summer is going now. Was a great time here. I have enjoyed so much all the experiences. I worked at Popsoc (a nursery) during 3 weeks and now I’m missing all the kids. I had a lot of work at the marketing office at i2i and it was wonderfull to develop my degree skills. But the best activitie in this summer was the Green Messenger project at the Leeds Festival. Uaw! It was amazing! So wet, hard work, a lot of mud, but now I have good stories and memories about this festival. I will never forget this.
All the class have returned to the normal at Manor school, and I help at the arts class and leadership class again. I realy like to work in this area, mainly with the new group that entered at school. They are so curious about my life in Brazil and I like to share some differences of my culture. This week I could perceive part of the students prefer to share their doubts with me, asking help to me. I didn’t say anything to the teacher about this but I like that. Haha!
I hope to return soon with the photography class at the lunch time. I’m enjoying the opportunity of teaching and I started to think about a new project in Brazil with the young leaders of Gol de Letra foundation, maybe a basic course of English or some workshops about leadership.
Day by day I’m feeling more comfortable to talk with new persons at the bus, on super marketing, at church and with my colleagues of work as well. This is really good because I start to feel part of this city. I don’t have more fear to go out by myself. I can travel for each part of UK and I will survive. AND… I’m watching The Big Bang Theory with English audio… (Yeaaaah! \o/)… right, also with subtitles in English but I understand most part of the jokes. But I’ll have a real motivation to celebrate when I understand all the phrases of Sheldon without subtitles!