“EVS strengthens you and no doubt make you a much better person” – News from Douglas, EVS volunteer in the UK

Six months after arrive in England a lot of feelings and experiences took place, now I can understand better the cultural differences and local habits, this make my life easier and I’m not afraid to make big mistakes with people. On the other hand the homesickness of my home, family, friends, places and brazilian’s habits just increases.
The winter is coming and it make everything worst, but the Christmas is coming as well and the city being beautiful, a lot of decorations take place on streets and shops.
Professionally I have improved my administrative skills in the i2i financial office and in Everything is Possible, the improvements in the english language and in my capacity of communication will be great help in my next professional experiences and the cultural growth and as a person is the big differential that the project provides.
Is not easy live abroad and learn by yourself everything that you need to feel into the new place, but the EVS experience it’s wonderful, many times is very hard, complicated tiresome and you don’t have family or friends to help you, but it’s strengthens you and no doubt make you a much better person. I will never forget this period of my life.