Day 2 – Travelling to Gyor and visiting the European Youth Olympic Festival

Two testimonies:

“On the second day of the evaluation seminar we were up early and on a coach to Gyor, the journey was only a few hours and not too bad. Once we arrived we went to our next accommodation and decided to mix up the rooms so that each bedroom had members from different nations so we could all get to know each other a bit better and spend time socialising. Then we headed out to lunch at a restaurant across the road.

Me, Ellie and Grace sat with Joao and Kevin from Brazil and used their phrasebook to try our hand at some Portuguese.

After Lunch, we headed off to the European youth Olympic festival to go and watch our first sporting events. When we arrived, we were firstly given a tour of the volunteer’s area and then we were given a presentation all about how the volunteer recruitment works and what the volunteers do to keep all the events running which was interesting.

After that we went to watch some rowing heats outside in the beautiful weather and even managed to find some GB athletes to cheer on, once these were over we moved onto volleyball, the atmosphere in the stadium during the volley ball was amazing as Hungary were playing and so everyone got sucked in cheering the teams on even though I’m sure most of us didn’t really understand the rules!

We headed back to the same restaurant we’d had lunch in for dinner and then we went back out again to Gyor city centre where we walked to a town square, there was a live band and singer to watch which was amazing and lots of market stalls around so we all got in a bit of shopping and tried a traditional Hungarian brioche called Siklόsi which was delicious.

Once it started to get a bit late we began to walk back to the accommodation on foot, led by Bence which was interesting as it meant you could see more of the city and the streets. Then when we were back everyone just headed to bed after a long day ready to be up and out the next day”.


By Alice Mills, British participant.