“I am 2 weeks in the UK and everything is very new” – First Testimony from Douglas



I’m Douglas, 27 years old, brazilian from São Paulo, it’s really pleasure talking about this volunteering experience. Before I come to England I was study Bussiness in Rio de Janeiro and Working as a trainee, I every be envolved with social projects and I like to much this, in recent years I was very much related with socio-cultural projects on hip hop and previously with sports projects.

I am 2 weeks in the UK and everything is very new, I loved the architecture of the city and the reception of the people, the most difficult for me is the weather; Yeap! is very different from Brazil. In these early days I know the projects that I can work and I’ve had a super cool experience with Manor in the camping Duke of Edinburgh’s program.

I share a house with a partner who also came to be voluntary and it is great to share the  experiences, we expend a few days to adjust to the different time zone and this left us very tired, still do not know many places as we want, but this will be resolved as time goes by. We are excited about what is to come and really interested in sharing experiences and learn new things.

Sorry for my terrible English.