“I’m so excited with this project” – First testimony from Victor

Hi, my name is Victor. I’m from Brazil and I’m 22 years old. I’m living in York (UK) since two weeks ago. I’m one of the EVSs of Olympic Legacy project.
In the first weekend here I had my first different experience. Douglas (the other brazilian EVS) and I went to a camping with tent, sleeping bag, marshmallows and fire pit. It was so nice! In Brazil this isn’t common.
On last week we could knew all possiblities of projects to work here. We could lived two days as a student on High School. Was so funny because all students was looking for us like “Who is this guys?”
During this week we are working in a holidays club of football. We are helping the coach in the activities. There is about 40 kids on this holydays club.
I’m so excited with this project and I hope to learn with my future work.