“I didn’t stop, working a lot but happy” – News from Victor, EVS volunteer in the UK

The priod of holidays have strated and my activities during the week have completely changed. I started to work on i2i office on marketing area. This is a really good experince for me, because this is part of my studies in Brazil. In Brazil I was studing Graphic Design at the university, so I can learn a little more at the office. Before the holidays started I had started a photography class at Manor School during the lunch time. I had a class with seven students, and Douglas and I started with the British group that is in Brazil to the Olympics the Portuguese class too.

Last week I was in a holiday camp in Liverpool. Was great because I could know a little more about the british culture and meet different people.

This week I started to work at Popsocs. It’s a project for small kids. I’m loving this, more than I could imagine. Today I returned with gliter and ink in all my clothes, but when I arrived there I won my day with all kids saying “Good Mornig Victor!”. I didn’t stop, working a lot but happy.